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Software platform that provides stylists and retailers with the ability to connect and provide personalized shopping experiences for their customers.


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Talha Basit, Spiraldot Ventures

Talha Basit

Founder and Venture Partner
The visionary founder of Spiraldot, Talha Basit is a serial entrepreneur who began programming at 7 years old. Since then, he democratized filmmaking at Apple, brought technology to students in one of the nation’s largest school districts, and created the software that resulted in one of his companies being sold to a Fortune 5 firm. When he isn’t helping other entrepreneurs Talha is the founder and CEO of Spiraldot Health where he leads an all-star team of software architects, data scientists and machine learning experts in their mission to defeat disease with data.
James R. F. Swisher

James R. F. Swisher

Managing Director
Jim is an Intellectual Property & Corporate Attorney with over 20 years of experience at start–ups, primarily in the software and media verticals. He has founded and held a number of leadership positions from VP, CXO to Producer throughout his career. His superpower is building strong foundations for early stage companies as they scale and setting them up for wild success as they grow past 100 FTEs. These past successes have been in diverse fields from Enterprise Software, Healthcare Tech, Internet Security, and Film. Jim’s commitment to diversity in hiring and mentoring spans his entire professional career serving the BIPOC communities in every endeavor. “The wrapper is immaterial…. Can you play guitar?” He is often quoted. Jim holds a number of Board Seats; he is building 501( C )3 dedicated to the optimal destruction of Medical Waste in Mexico. He is a Veteran of the USAF with a Top–Secret security clearance. In his spare time, he is developing a Trustless Digital Identity solution. Rock Music is his Soul; his Wife & Daughters are his Heart; cooking is his Love for you; his Zen remains undisclosed at this time. He has known and worked with Talha for over 20 years and surprisingly still takes his calls.

Sameena Mustafa

Venture Partner

Sameena Mustafa brings over 20 years of management, marketing, and sales experience in the publishing, CPG, healthcare, and real estate sectors to advise early-stage founders and entrepreneurs. A passionate advocate for racial and gender inclusion and equity, Sameena mentors and elevates women of color leaders in business and nonprofits through the Veralo fellowship. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University.

Soibi Andrew-Jaja


Soibi Andrew-Jaja enjoys helping startups and rapid-growth businesses innovate and succeed. A mission-driven leader, she has almost 15 years of strategy and operations leadership experience globally, in operations, strategy, e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, and services organizations. She attributes her operational expertise and data driven approach to her experience and success at Amazon. She has enabled companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 5 to operationalize and integrate new ideas and initiatives that drive meaningful customer value. Recently Soibi led operations from an early phase through exit and now wants to share that experience and knowledge with other founders. In her spare time, she plays tennis and mentors founders and small businesses in developing nations.

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